Cogency Subscription information

Cogency: Semester Publication of the Centre for the Study of Argumentation and Reasoning, Diego Portales University, Santiago, Chile. 

ISSN: 0718-8285.
Format: Academic Journal.  
Volumes per year: 1 (Two Issues per year).
Frequency: Semester (issues due in August and December).
First year of publication: 2009.
Language: 90% English.
Subject area: Argumentation Theory, Logic, Rhetoric, Critical Thinking, Psychology of Reasoning, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis; interdisciplinary, with interests in psychology, cognitive sciences, sociology, anthropology and philosophy.

Library and Individuals subscriptions. Downdload and complete the form ( Word or PDF ).

Library and individual orders (form completed and payments made) should be sent to:

Centro de Estudios de la Argumentación y el Razonamiento (CEAR), Grajales 1898, Santiago, Chile; or fax to +56-2-6768602, or send an e-mail message to or .
CEAR will send an invoice.

Rates per volume (valid through 2013)

$ 160.-- (postage and handling included)
Fee for back volumes ($120 per year; $ 70 per issue)

Discount rate for bookstores/subscription services:
$ 130.-- (postage and handling included)

$ 120.-- (postage and handling included)
Fee for back volumes ($100 per year; $ 70 per issue)

- Any time of each in the calendar year. All subscriptions will receive in the first postage one volume prior to the date of subscription free of charge.
- automatically renewed unless cancelled before January 1st of the new year.

Method of Payment:

1. Checks: Please extend the check to the following beneficiary:
                                               Universidad Diego Portales

Send the envelope with the check to:            Luis Espinoza, Financial Administrator, Faculty of Psychology
                                                                  Universidad Diego Portales
                                                                  Grajales 1898, Piso 1
                                                                  Santiago, Chile
2.  Bank transfer to:

                Corp Banca New York Branch
                ABA: 026014627
                Swift: CONBUS33
                Dollar account: 3004482
                Beneficiary: Universidad Diego Portales


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